WATCH: Tucker Battles Democrat Who Wants To Criminalize Using The Wrong Gender Pronoun

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson tore into a Democratic strategist Tuesday night for supporting a California bill that could imprison people for calling someone by the wrong pronoun.

Robin Biro argued that “all LGBT rights” need to be included in patient rights, including proper pronoun usage. Carlson accused Biro of ignoring free speech for political purposes, taking issue with the bill’s criminalization of speech.

“You have the right to express your view and if other people don’t like it, they don’t like it,” The Daily Caller founder said. “But you can’t be put in prison for saying what you think is true. And this bill seems to ignore that longstanding right we’ve enjoyed, and I find it terrifying for that reason.”

Biro replied that using the wrong gender pronoun to refer someone can be classified as “abuse” if it is done repeatedly and intentionally.

“You see all the time people do this as a form of abuse,” Biro said. “I follow the alt-right blogs where people call Michelle Obama a man.”

“Why would you in the world, as an American who once wore the uniform, support a bill that would criminalize speech?” Carlson asked.

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