Top Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Wants Video Testimony Kept From Release

Hillary Clinton Testifies Before House Select Committee On Benghazi Attacks

One of Hillary Clinton’s top aides has requested that video of her upcoming deposition on the former secretary of state’s private email server not be released to the public, The Hill reports.

Cheryl Mills’ lawyers filed a motion in federal court Wednesday saying that Mills “supports the release of the written transcript of her deposition to the public. But no additional public interest would be served by the publication of the audiovisual recording.”

The filing argues that the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which filed the Freedom of Information Act request that has led to Mills’ deposition, should not be allowed to release videotape of Mills’ testimony because soundbites could be used by Judicial Watch or other opponents of Clinton to portray Mills’ testimony in an “unfair or misleading manner.”

“Judicial Watch should not be allowed to manipulate Ms. Mills’ testimony, and invade her personal privacy, to advance a partisan agenda that should have nothing to do with this litigation,” the lawyers argue.

Judicial Watch was granted permission to interview Mills and other officials under oath as part of its FOIA lawsuit. Mills’ testimony will be given on May 27.

Judicial Watch has “refused” to say it won’t publicize the video recording, Mills’ filing says.

“That refusal raises a serious concern that Judicial Watch plans to use the recording of Ms. Mills’ deposition, and exploit her image and words, as part of a partisan attack against Secretary Clinton and her presidential campaign,” the lawyers say in the filing. “Judicial Watch’s long-standing antagonism to the Secretary is a matter of public record,” they said, noting the group’s website has a section dedicated “to the numerous attacks that comprise its decades-long anti-Clinton campaign.”

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