Judge Napolitano: State Dept Audit Could Be ‘Devastating’ for Hillary


Judge Andrew Napolitano believes a State Department audit that found Hillary Clinton broke federal records rules while secretary of state could be “devastating” for the Democratic presidential nominee.

Judge Andrew Napolitano explained to Martha MacCallum on “America’s Newsroom” that the audit directly contradicts Clinton’s defense in the FBI’s investigation into her private email server.

“The heart of her defense was that she complied with all State Department regulations and what the FBI has been doing is just a security review,” Judge Napolitano said. “This was the security review … a review of how the State Department keeps safe the secrets entrusted to it. And Mrs. Clinton flunked that review.”

He added that Clinton’s mishandling of sensitive electronic communications is being regarded as more serious than that of past secretaries of state because she diverted 100 percent of all digital traffic coming to her through her home server.

Judge Napolitano said that he doesn’t think the audit will affect the FBI investigation, but it could have major political ramifications for Clinton.

“The political impact could be devastating,” Judge Napolitano said. “[It’s] more continual, cascading bad news for Mrs. Clinton, all of it in the direction of misbehavior while she was secretary of state.”

“Of all the news that’s come out in the past six months on this, none of it has been good news for her.”

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