Eight Times Hillary Said Everyone Knew About Her Email Setup

Hillary Clinton has said for months that her use of a private email server was a permitted, well-known fact in the State Department.

However, an audit released Wednesday by the State Department inspector general revealed that Clinton did not seek “guidance or approval to conduct official business via a personal email account on her private server,” even though she was obligated to. If information security officials had been consulted, the report stated, they would not have allowed Clinton to rely on private email for official business considering the “security risks.”

The report also found that the former secretary of state did not comply with the Federal Records Act by not immediately turning over her email records upon leaving the State Department.

Here are eight times Clinton claimed that her use of a private server was well known and allowed.

ONE: Remarks at the United Nations, March 10, 2015

“First, the laws and regulations in effect when I was secretary of state allowed me to use my email for work. That is undisputed. […] I fully complied with every rule I was governed by.”

TWO: CNN interview, July 7, 2015

“Well, let’s start from the beginning. Everything I did was permitted. There was no law. There was no regulation. There was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how I was going to communicate. Previous secretaries of state have said they did the same thing. And people across the government knew that I used one device – maybe it was because I am not the most technically capable person and wanted to make it as easy as possible. […] But I want people to understand what the truth is, and the truth is, everything I did was permitted and I went above and beyond what was expected.”

THREE: Associated Press interview, September 7, 2015

“It was fully above board. Everybody in the government with whom I emailed knew that I was using a personal email, and I have said it would have been a better choice to have had two separate email accounts.”

FOUR: CNN Democratic debate, October 13, 2015

“What I did was allowed by the State Department, but it wasn’t the best choice.”

FIVE: CNN Democratic Town Hall, January 26, 2016

“Nothing that I did was wrong. It was not – it was not in any way prohibited.”

SIX: Washington Post-Univision Democratic debate, March 9, 2016

“It wasn’t the best choice. I made a mistake. It was not prohibited. It was not in any way dis­allowed.”

SEVEN: The View, April 5, 2016

“There’s nothing to it. […] There was nothing prohibiting it. It was permitted to use personal email.”

EIGHT: Face the Nation, CBS, May 8, 2016

“Well, as I have said many times, there was — I was absolutely permitted, and I did it. And it turned out to be a mistake. It wasn’t the best choice.”

Clinton’s campaign factsheet on her emails ties these assertions together:

“Her usage was widely known to the over 100 State Department and U.S. government colleagues she emailed, consistent with the practice of prior Secretaries of State and permitted at the time. […] The laws, regulations, and State Department policy in place during her tenure permitted her to use a non-government email for work.”

Source: Eight Times Hillary Said Everyone Knew About Her Email Setup | The Weekly Standard


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