As Illegal Immigration Soars in the Southwest, Another Threat Looms in the North


With this idiot letting Syrian Refugees flood into Canada we have to worry about Terrorists walking into America from the North meanwhile Obama is turning a blind eye to the Terrorists making their way in from the Southwest.

This election cycle has been a fun one from an immigration standpoint. From conservative candidates trying desperately to outdo each other in austerity to liberals seeking the “browning of America,” there has been no shortage of colorful points of view.

As every candidate is grilled about their immigration policy regarding Mexico however, there’s another threat looming from the opposite direction. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s young, charismatic prime minister, has already opened up Canada’s borders to 25,000 Syrian refugees and counting.  He’s greeted them personally, hoping to usher in a new era of Canadian immigration policy.

But before you get the warm fuzzies, let’s look at the plan in context.

Compare Trudeau’s standpoint to Obama’s. Obama’s plan proposes the admission of 10,000 Syrian immigrants to the United States in total over the next year — which is far too radical for more than half the governors in the United States.

Trudeau however, makes Obama look like a stringent conservative. This is a far cry from being humanitarian; it is simply reckless.

And as inconsequential as the immigration policy in Canada might seem, this radical plan has equally extreme implications for the U.S. In the wake of the Syrian immigration crisis sweeping across Europe, this reckless policy could endanger not only Trudeau’s own people, but American citizens as well. Even if the United States implements the strict vetting process Obama has promised — a policy that many say still leaves plenty of room for error — there’s no guarantee the Canadian gatekeepers will rise to the same standards. And while everyone is quibbling over just how high the wall between the United States and Mexico should be, the Canadian border is virtually unwatched.

How many times have you thought about illegal immigration from Canada? You haven’t. Right now, it seems like a non-issue. But in the wake of Trudeau’s reckless policy, the threat of a terrorist attack from our northern border becomes a startlingly larger possibility.

Perhaps Trump should think about building his wall there, instead. And Trudeau should definitely pick up the bill.

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