Joe Scarborough to Megyn Kelly: Call Glenn Beck Before You Leave Fox News


Megyn Kelly should look before she leaps from Fox News — and the proof in the pudding is Glenn Beck, influential “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough warns in column published in Tuesday’s Washington Post.

“Maybe the grass will be greener for Meygn Kelly than it was for Glenn Beck. But if history is any guide, Kelly’s smartest move may just be building on the remarkable platform that has already been handed to her by [Fox News chief] Roger Ailes,” Scarborough writes.

Kelly — Fox’s brightest star following her sharp questioning as a moderator in several presidential debates which triggered a war with Donald Trump — said recently she would “never say never” about leaving, noting “there’s a lot of brain damage that comes from the job.”

But MSNBC’s Scarborough writes:

“If Kelly wants to leave Fox News for family reasons, good for her. But if Kelly is thinking of escaping Roger Ailes and Fox News … I humbly offer a friendly suggestion: Call Glenn Beck.”

He noted Beck hosted a little-watched show on CNN Headline News, but shot to TV stardom when Ailes introduced him to millions of Fox viewers. Beck launched his successful website The Blaze, but eventually thought he’d outgrown Fox and parted company.

“Beck has been largely irrelevant to the 2016 campaign. That may be, in large part, because his business has fallen apart since Beck left Fox News,” Scarborough writes.




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