Before It’s Too Late: Islamic Violence In America

In days to come, America is absolutely destined to see Islamic violence that I believe will make the Belgian airport incident look like a walk in the park

Before It’s Too Late: Islamic Violence In America

By Dave Merrick — Bio and Archives  April 8, 2016

Obama’s most recent breathtaking whopper, “Republican base has been fed this notion that Islam is inherently violent,” is now plastered all over the Internet like a “BRIDGE IS OUT” sign. Yet any unified protest to this lie is only voiced by a shrinking, relative few who have bothered to do their homework. Barry has once again, just as he has with global warming and other bottomless issues, lied and used his place of influence to shut down the argument for the selfish expediting of his own pet agendas.Thomas Jefferson’s dream to see an educated, informed Republic be able to make solid decisions in its own governance based upon the FACTS is now, less than three centuries later, practically decimated. He would be sick if he could see how our president is so abusing his trust, and so powerfully deceiving the electorate. Obama has amply demonstrated that, even with the first amendment still up and running, his opposition can advertise the truth as loud as we like while he so egregiously lies like a rug – because, effectively, nobody’s listening.

Anyone who knows anything about Islam knows that “violent Islam” is hidden – in plain sight – packed right in the Koran amongst the verses that appear to speak of peace. It was a liberal-press emboldened Osama bin Laden who fearlessly declared to fellow Muslims and the world, “Some of you have been lax in one duty, which is to unite your ranks.” And he went on to clarify, “Beware of division … Muslims are waiting for you to gather under a single banner to champion righteousness. Be keen to oblige with this duty!” According to bin Laden, his exhortation was only, “what Allah and his prophet (Mohammed) have said.” And Osama himself admitted that it was only after he had taken the time to “discover the deeper things” of the Quran that he became a “real Muslim” (jihadding as a world-class murderer and destroyer).

Knowing all this, today’s lib politicians remain undaunted and skilled past masters at lying to the public. They shamelessly appeal to the airhead mentality that constitutes most of today’s intellectually lazy public. Professional politicians in general lean on the fact that the swelling, brainless mass of 21st century American voters gets most of its news and political punditry from Comedy Central. But even an idiot might at least ask, “If Islam is pushing to dominate the rest of the world, why WOULDN’T it, here in the U.S.?”

The current liberal hayride is easily attributable to the unfathomable ignorance of most of its constituency. As I have stated before, Barack’s strongest card is simply his street savvy that doesn’t waste time with fact or calling attention to the lost lessons of history that only confuse or depress his audience. Certainly, the true cost of liberty is to be ever vigilant. But our current leader is using his power to build a sedative for a flock of lambs who fully believe “pragmatism” and “racism” are synonymous and equally to be shunned.

The consensus today is that our liberties came packed with the real estate we stole from Native Americans. It’s exactly that kind of naivete/stupidity that will sit still in the face of a moronic sales pitch that compares hundreds of thousands of jihad-infected Iranians and terrorist plants to the legitimately “dream chasing” European and Mediterranean immigrants of a hundred years ago. Today’s liberals don’t allow enough light on the subject to give people time to recall or discover that the immigrants of that time hadn’t been indoctrinated, FROM BIRTH, to the idea that America is actually “The Great Satan.” Nor are we to take to heart that the Judeo-Christian Bible from which we drew our liberty and laws is not similarly recognized as authoritative by this influx of open-handed Muslims. And so these new “dream chasers” feel no compunction to obey any law other than their own inbred sharia (which is now sprouting like cancer in the eastern hemisphere).

In a four year-old interview, Sharia4Belgium’s recently imprisoned leader, Abu Imran, smiled confidently as he stressed that sharia and Islam are the same. “Only the words are different, and democracy is the opposite of sharia/Islam.” So even the anti-Islamic WARNING 80 years earlier from Winston Churchill is now ultra-corroborated on our own shores since 9-11 (does anyone remember?), and now, most recently, with the Brussels airport bombing. And the most powerful American who has twice sworn to protect us and our Constitution isn’t just looking the other way – he is aiding and abetting the progress of Islam’s injection into our limping and borderless nation.

In days to come, America is absolutely destined to see Islamic violence that I believe will make the Belgian airport incident look like a walk in the park. When those days happen (what history has commonly defined as “too late”) we will then, FINALLY, see our ISLAMIC SYMPATHIZING leader – WHO KNEW BETTER – as the plant he will have then been proven to be. In the meantime, those of us who are quite frantically begging for caution are dismissed as racist paranoids.


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