The Ignorance of Azealia Banks

By Dan Adams | Political HEAT Blog | 4/7/2016

“Despite their best efforts to conceal the contempt and envy that the cracker has for Blacks and other people of color …they just can’t hide it and it’s seeping from the seams of their being,” – Azealia Banks

This angry black woman gives the black community a bad name. She loves talking out of the side of her neck. “New Black Mind”??? All I hear and see is an angry black woman with mental issues. Black folk like this either don’t know or don’t want to be shown how their hero Obama has kept the black community down and has halted them from rising out of the ashes. Obama steadily funneling money and jobs to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and “refugees”. Those opportunities are no longer available for the black community and America as a whole. But she would never sit down for a second to hear the truth that is right in front of her.


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