Mom’s Fury Unleashed After Spanish Teacher Assigns ‘Privilege’ Homework

A Spanish teacher at Monroe Junior High in Tampa, Florida has unleashed the fury of parents over a controversial “privilege” assignment that was sent home. The questions posed to the seventh and eighth grade class are mind-boggling, inappropriate, and an invasion of privacy, and one mom isn’t having any of it. Now, the teacher is paying the price.

Regina (also called Gina) Stiles was furious over the homework assignment given to her daughter and other students in the Spanish class. The controversial form asked, “How much privilege do you have? Circle the boxes that apply to you,” and it only got worse from there.

Regina took her frustrations to social media and posted the assignment on Facebook, asking, “If your child came home and told you that their teacher gave them this to fill out, what would you do?” As seen in the photo, categories included race, skin color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and gender, with options including cisgendered, transgendered, or genderqueer.

This disturbed Regina, who spoke with WTSP News, explaining her disgust. “She’s 12. Some of these things should be taught at home,” she said. Her daughter’s young age and unfamiliarity with many of the terms listed on the assignment was just one reasons behind Regina’s vocal objection on social media. She was also troubled by the blatant invasion of privacy.

When Regina’s daughter came to the “Disability” column, she had to reveal that she had ADHD. “She has ADHD and apparently the teacher said there are some kids in this class that have ADHD, and ADHD is a mental illness, and that’s why she circled that. To me ADHD is not a mental disability. It’s something she has,” Regina explained.

Regina and a group of other concerned parents met with Monroe Junior High Principal Pete Magara. The Blaze reports that after the meeting, the school district removed the teacher from the classroom as they opened an investigation. A spokesperson for the Hillsborough County School District also told the source that the “lesson was a teacher-generated assignment without district approval,” adding that they “expect our teachers to provide a safe environment and this assignment could compromise that environment.”

“This is not a district form, this is a teacher-generated form and it was without principal consent and at the district level we do not collect that information,” says Hillsborough County School Spokesperson Tanya Arja.

The teacher, who was in her first year at the school but has not been named, claims the goal of the exercise was to teach students about “diversity” and “inequality.” Perhaps she should stick to teaching them the language they are in the class to learn and not use her platform to promote propaganda. As Regina explained when she heard the teacher’s ridiculous explanation, “To me that has nothing to do with Spanish. You’re here to teach my child a foreign language, not anything else.”

This is a perfect example of a teacher abusing their privilege of being entrusted with our children. This educator was using her platform to brainwash and influence children for her own agenda, and it had nothing to do with what she’s was hired to teach. Any sexual education should require the permission of the parent, but “progressive” teachers, like this one, go against ethical standards and utilize a language class to discuss sexual orientation, and it’s time parents put their foot down.

If this educator wants to teach diversity, do it in a diversity class, where the students and their parents have agreed to such a lesson. If they signed up for Spanish, stick to the language, por favor. Maybe this teacher should be forced to sit through an uncomfortable class that goes against her own beliefs and values. I’d love to give her a little insight from the right. I’d start with the fact that the results of so-called “privilege” and hard work look exactly the same, and until she’s walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, she’s in no position to decide if they got where they are by “privilege” or perseverance.

Ironically, she’s provided the perfect example for us all about “privilege” and work ethic. As she sits with her job on the line, I hope she takes time to consider that had she done the job she was hired to do, she would have had better success. That’s not because she doesn’t have equal “privilege,” it’s because she doesn’t have equal integrity and ethics.



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