Chicago Protest The Eye Opener of All Time

By Judi McLeod — Bio and Archives  March 14, 2016


Even though it inconvenienced a crowd of 25,000 heading for the University of Illinois at Chicago, Friday night’s protest got all the way down to the foggy bottom, cutting for all a highly unexpected and unimaginable break.

Next to Barack Obama being caught red-handed as a 20-year-long activist in Jeremiah Wright’s “God damn America”  liberation theology-controlled Trinity United Church, Friday night’s Chicago protest went on to become the biggest eye opener in recent American history.

Millions of Americans—and not jut the thousands who never got to see and hear Trump when the left shut his rally down—got to see Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich exposed as lib-left sympathizers when they blamed Trump—not the high-handed progressives—for the riotous behaviour of the rent-a-mob protesters.

You can’t make this stuff up—but Cruz, Rubio and Kasich can.

Long before the radical left with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers in their midst shut down Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago, most Americans saw first hand how Occupy Wall Street (OWS), Black Lives Matter and other anarchy seekers on the loose terrorize communities at will.

Lib-left protesters shut down any and all avenues of freedom of speech.  They come out of Mama’s basement to shout down any conservative gathering with George Soros-paid rent-a-mobs returning there to wait-on-call for the next one.  The formats of the protests are always the same.  By and large they get away with gatherings bordering on violence by police under the orders of politically-correct, Marxist governments.

The American people not only know chapter and verse how these protests go, but who arranges and pays for them even before their gloating chief organizers step forward to own up for them.

Ignoring the message and crying ‘kill the messenger‘

The question that should matter most is did Cruz, Rubio and Kasich not recognize another brazen protest carefully orchestrated by the far left, or are only pretending not to know?

Why did not just the closest runner up, but all three point the finger of blame at Republican front runner Donald J. Trump?

Why after almost eight years with America under the tyranny of Barack Obama do a Cruz, Rubio and Kasich out on the presidential campaign trail never bring up the term that is both skillfully and deliberately killing off America, the one Obama calls ‘The Fundamental Transformation of America?

Is there more at play here than the three of them ready to diss Trump only to claim election day victory for themselves?

How is it even possible that Cruz, Rubio and Kasich could ignore a well-organized attack in Chicago—in the face of threats that more are on the way?

Why is there no call for the need for public safety from any one of them?

Gentlemen, where is your patriotism for the country you so patently want to lead as CEO?

While Kasich can be aptly described as just another petunia in the politicians’ garden patch, Cruz and Rubio are Tea Party creations.

Doesn’t the Tea Party know that it is Obama and the far left with help from Republican friends throwing in with them who are killing off America?

Dare we ask: When Sarah Palin endorsed Trump, did she leave the dregs of the Tea Party with the rest of us?

The supporters of all primary candidate camps, which include some Canada Free Press (CFP) columnists,  will ignore the message and cry ‘kill the messenger‘  when reading this article,  but aren’t Americans owed an answer to why Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich openly sided with the George Soros far left in the immediate aftermath of Friday night’s Chicago protest?

If you will not stand up now, when will you?

Caught up in a take-no-prisoners election craze,  some people remain immune to the truth, no matter how glaring it is.

Over eight long years, cowardly-self serving Republicans—and Tea Party candidates, too—did zero to stop America’s steady slide into oblivion.

The time for empty political rhetoric is over.  The time for effective action to Save America is NOW.

Friday’s Chicago protest was an eye opener for anyone still awake:

If Cruz, Rubio and Kasich won’t stand up to George Soros and his rent-a-mobs on the campaign trail,  what good could ever come if any one of them were elected president?


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