Pentagon Official: American Deaths Have Come From Gitmo Releases

By Dan Adams | The Political HEAT Blog | 3/24/2016gitmo2_120914getty
So let me get this straight. Multiple government agencies which now included the Pentagon have come out and stated that Gitmo Detainees that have been released have killed Americans. With that said it makes absolute sense to shut down Gitmo.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Only in the La La Land of Obama and the Democrats would closing down Gitmo make sense. They keep touting that Gitmo is a recruiting tool for ISIS and Radical Islam. No. Your flaccid attempt to combat ISIS and Radical Islam is a recruiting tool. Now with the latest attacks in Brussels and Obama’s “Brush Your Shoulders Off” moment will only lead to ISIS and Radical Islam claiming more attacks on innocent people.

The Hill:



PA Judge Rules Cruz ‘Natural Born Citizen’

By Dan Adams – The Political HEAT Blog – 3/21/2016
Not one word from the Liberal Lame Stream Media. Not one word from the GOP who you think would like to put this NON-ISSUE to bed. Of course not one word from Donald Trump. This would prove that he was wrong and we all know he can’t have anything like that. Should Ted Cruz be front and center releasing this judgement? What say you???


Saudi Arabia: Raging REAL WAR ON WOMEN

By Dan Adams – 3/21/16 – The Political HEAT Blog

Saudi Arabia. The country that Hillary Clinton has received MILLIONS of dollars from for her and the Clinton Foundation. Talk about a WAR ON WOMEN. And the Democrats don’t care and will still vote for this VILE human excrement.

A woman beheaded in public in Saudi Arabia. Her crime. Driving a car.

Video of beheading (Viewer Discretion Advised)


Hillary Leads in Overseas Fundraisers

By Greg Richter   |   Sunday, 20 Mar 2016 01:10 PM

Democrat Hillary Clinton is leading all presidential candidates of either party in the number of fundraisers held in foreign countries – and in the amount of money raked in, The Hill reports.

Clinton has held 13 foreign fundraisers from which she has brought in $495,000, according to the report.

Foreign nationals are prohibited by U.S. law from contributing to American elections, but American citizens and green card holders living in other countries are not.
Clinton does not appear to have attended any of the fundraisers, though her daughter Chelsea has. Others surrogates have included singer Tony Bennett and Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Locations have included London, Munich, Mexico City and Durban, South Africa, according to information gathered by the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation.

The Hill noted that Clinton’s only remaining Democratic rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has raised less than one fourth Clinton’s half-million dollar mark, but did not give precise figures.

Here’s how much money the three remaining Republicans have taken in from people currently living outside the country:

• Ted Cruz: $23,000
• Donald Trump: $1,100
• John Kasich: $50