Penn Hills Vowing To Take Action Following Disturbing Bullying Video

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If I were violent person I would be catching cases for beating up each and every kid involved in this. I don’t care what age they are!!!

PENN HILLS (KDKA) – The fallout continues in the Penn Hills School District over a video that surfaced last week.

In the video, a student with special needs, 16-year-old Isaiah Wooding, is seen being kicked in the chest by another student.

Wooding falls to the floor as other students laugh and no one tries to help him.

School Board President Denise Graham-Shealy said the video does not represent Penn Hills.

The safety committee of the Penn Hills School Board met with principals, staff members and a few parents. Everyone agreed that the incident has to be taken seriously, and more has to be done to prevent this type of bullying from reoccurring.

The school board president was especially irate over some comments she saw on social media after the bullying incident.

“I can tell you we don’t have have ‘animals,’ we have children. Do we have challenging children? Absolutely. But, show me a district that doesn’t,” she said.

Another school board member called it a sad day in Penn Hills. She said school principals and staff members have to step up to the plate, and nip any bullying in the bud.

“We need to hold everybody accountable. You administrators, teachers, you cannot stand around. If you see bullying, you have to stop it,” said school board member Erin Vecchio.

Penn Hills Police said the investigation will likely go beyond the assault.

“We have to find the timeline, when it did occur, what folks may have been there when it took place, teachers, security guards,” said Chief Howard Burton. “The young man is definitely kicked in the chest, knocked to the ground. At this point, it doesn’t look like there are any injuries, but the point is definitely simple assault there.





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