Trump: I’ve Always Had a Good Relationship With Pelosi, Reid, Schumer


By Sandy Fitzgerald   |   Tuesday, 26 Jan 2016 10:13 AM

Donald Trump Tuesday morning said he believes he’ll be able to cut deals in the House and Senate, as he’s always had a good relationship with key Democratic lawmakers like California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, and outgoing Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.

“It’s wonderful to say you’re a maverick, and you’re going to stand up and close up the country, but you have to get somebody to go along with you,” the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination told MSNBC’s“Morning Joe” program, taking a dig at his nearest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“You have a lot of people,” Trump continued. “We have a system. The Founders created the system that actually is a very good system. It does work, but it can’t work if you can’t get nobody to go along with you,” continuing that the inability for Cruz to get along with them is a problem.

Trump said he’s always had a “great relationship” with Pelosi, and with Reid as well.

“If I weren’t running for office I would be able to deal with her or anybody,” said Trump of Pelosi. “I think I could get along very well with Nancy Pelosi and just about everybody. I think I’ll get along well with Chuck Schumer. I was close to Schumer in many ways.”

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