Illegals with ties to MS-13 arrested for murder

Police chief describes escalation in ‘gang activity’

Police in Alexandria, Virginia, arrested several people they say are connected to separate unsolved murders from November and December – and their common denominator is they are illegal immigrants suspected of being members of the notorious MS-13 gang.

In November, authorities discovered the body of Jose Luis Ferman Perez, 24, near a playground. In December, they then discovered the body of Eduardo David Chandias Almendarez, 22, by Four Mile Run Park. Fox 5 DC reported.

The common ties?

The suspects are illegal immigrants and are all members of the MS-13 gang, Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook said.

Police took into custody an 18-year-old male, Edwin Alexander Guerreo Umana, for the December murder, and a 17-year-old male, an adult male who’s not been named and a 16-year-old girl for the murder in November.

“All of this gang activity in this region, and many of you have reported on it recently in the last couple years, the intensity of the violence has risen a great deal in the last couple years,” Cook said, during a conference with reporters attended by Fox 5 DC. “We unfortunately had two of the victims here in Alexandria die because of that violence.”

The murders could prove to be the East Coast equivalent of the West Coast’s daylight killing of Kate Steinle, a California woman who was allegedly fatally shot by an illegal immigrant as she walked on a pier with her father. That murder, committed by a suspect, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who had been deported on prior occasions for previous criminal acts, sparked a massive outcry about sanctuary cities – and ultimately, many political watchers said, helped fuel Donald Trump’s political rise, as WND reported. Trump’s mantra, aside from making America “great again,” has been to crack down on illegal immigration, sanctuary cities and enforcement at America’s borders.

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