Michelle Obama on why they don’t attend church: ‘We could be loungin’ and nappin’’

Michelle Obama took time out from Monday’s Easter Egg Roll to talk about the first family’s holiday and why the Obamas don’t usually attend church.

The first lady’s visit with “Live with Kelly and Michael” co-host Michael Strahan got off to an awkward start, when shejoined in the audience applause after she was introduced.

“You don’t have to clap for yourself,” Strahan said, before asking about the first family’s Easter.

The healthy eating proponent, who was pushing her “Let’s Move!” campaign at the egg roll, described what the family did after church on Easter.

“We sat around really full because we ate too much,” Michelle said. “It was successful. We were full.”

The Obamas try to go to church every Easter, the first lady said, but the family has other things to do most Sundays.

“We really try to use Sunday as a family downtime where we can kind of breathe and catch up, and maybe take a little nap every now and then, if we’re not working,” she said. “We could be loungin’ and nappin’.”

Her description of the typical White House Sunday didn’t exactly go with the Easter Egg Roll theme: “Hop into health, swing into shape.”

Watch the interview here:



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