Calif. Gubernatorial Candidate Says a ‘Tsunami’ of Opposition to Common Core Is About to Hit

“People are finally seeing what Common Core is … so the parents are beginning to react,” he said. “They’re going to take a stand and unite, and it’s going to start here in California because there’s just something in the air right now.”

Donnelly appeared on the Glenn Beck Program Monday with Katherine Duran, who made headlines last week after being “suspended” from her child’s school for 14 days for speaking out against the controversial educational standards.

Glenn Beck speaks with Katherine Duran and Calif. gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly April 7, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Duran admitted she was one of many parents who didn’t know anything about Common Core before researching it, but what she found deeply alarmed her.

“We put our faith in the education system … and we go on about our busy days and our lives,” she said. “But as I got to know more about Common Core and the direction it was going, and the more that I educated myself, the more I realized this is something that we have to stop. This is fearful.”

Duran added that oftentimes educators are of little help to parents, since many are “fearful for their jobs and their positions” if they speak out against the standards.

Donnelly agreed, adding that many are fearful of being “punished, threatened, or intimidated” if they voice their opposition to Common Core.

The Caliornia gubernatorial candidate said he expects “an explosion across the state of California” led by parents like Katherine Duran, who “have the courage” to stand for the education of their children.


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