Her Mom Aborted One Baby, Not Realizing She Had Twins

The thing that’s so awful about abortion is that it kills the most vulnerable people on the planet…  babies who don’t have the ability to speak out for themselves.  

We have to be their voice!

I love stories like the one I shared recently about the woman who survived her mom’s abortion and now tells people to think of that baby as a person!  Well, I learned about this girl, who’s mom went in for an abortion:

Courtney’s birth mother had an abortion when she was six weeks pregnant, sometime in late January 1996. What her birth mother or the person who performed the abortion did not know, Courtney said, was that she was pregnant with twins. Courtney survived. Her twin did not.

“She went back for an ultrasound in March 1996 and she found out her abortion worked only halfway,” Courtney said. “She was having twins and I was still alive.”

Courtney’s birth mother had an option to have another abortion. “But since she could hear my heartbeat, she decided to give me life,” she said.

Courtney was born prematurely on June 19, 1996, and weighed 1 pound, 2 ounces. Her mother was 27 weeks pregnant.

She was adopted by her parents, Darlene and Glenn Halvorson. Her adoptive mother was a nurse in Birmingham and it was there she met Courtney’s birth mother.

Courtney, as you might imagine, is pro-life.  I can’t imagine how sad it would be to realize that your twin had been murdered before she even had a chance to draw a breath.  However, God obviously has a plan for her life.

This reminds of a great quote by Ronald Reagan.

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”


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