Westboro ‘Church’

James M Craig

Considering it numbers just a few dozen people it seems strange that Westboro gets so much attention.

The reason is simply this: while liberals constantly claim Christian Conservatives are full of hate – Westboro actually IS full of hate. Ironically, Westboro has much more in common with Islam than with Christianity.

We can define a Christian church as one that subscribes to the Theory and Practice as described in the Bible.
In order for a group to be considered a CHRISTIAN church they must believe in Christ as exclusive Savior.
(see Apostles Creed for example).

This Dogma is Theory.
A Christian church must love and be loyal to Christ. Corporately and individually.
The Bible states that the BEST way the Church can express love for Christ is by loving EVERYONE. This is Practice.

When you see people delivering truckloads of food and blankets after a storm often it is the…

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