The media is painting Hillary Clinton as the world’s most perfect person

The media is painting Hillary Clinton
as the world’s most perfect person

Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”

The election is a few years away, but the media is already touting Hillary Clinton as Obama’s most worthy successor.

Michael Savage reminds his audience of the former first lady’s many misdeeds, declaring that she should have resigned after her involvement in the Benghazi cover-up was revealed.

“They’re pushing Hillary Clinton for the presidency, and a lot of people fear her,” Savage said, noting:

    All of a sudden she’s the most perfect person on the planet all over again.

    She’s a woman, so supposedly that automatically makes her better than a man. Any man.

    If George Washington ran against Hillary Clinton, he’d be called a demon.

    Nancy Pelosi has been praising Hillary just because she’s a woman. I couldn’t believe it.

    The two of them wanted to bomb Syria. Why?

    Because of the scandals, number one, and the pipeline, number two.

    War would be the perfect cover story to mask the worst record in modern presidential history.

    They were willing to bomb a sovereign nation for no reason, to get the negative headlines off the front pages: The IRS scandal. The NSA scandal.

    Why wasn’t Hillary forced to resign in disgrace after Benghazi?

    That scandal could have changed history during the 2012 election, but Mr. Nice Guy, Mitt Romney, wouldn’t even mention it.

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